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About Us - Romapets Boutique
Hi everyone! My name is Molly and I'm the reason why my human created Romapets. We met 11 years ago and that was the beginning of our love story together. She was inspired by her deep love for me and for all animals to create this wonderful boutique. She's always enjoyed finding the absolute best products for me and she understands what pet owners need. 
Not only am I the muse behind Romapets, but I'm also involved in the product selection process. Together, my human and I test every item that is offered on our site. We use it, wash it, play with it, sleep on it and we make sure to test all of its features. If a product doesn't meet our standards of quality, durability and beauty then it doesn't make it into our inventory. It's that simple, if it's not good enough for us, then it's not good enough for Romapets.

We thank you for visiting our boutique and we hope you find products that bring you joy.

Love, Molly xox

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